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AMA session

20 Oct, 10:30 AM PT

Akio Aida

Enterprise Account Executive at Grammarly
Meet Akio Aida

Akio Aida is a GTM model architect applying management consulting frameworks to every aspect of the Enterprise sales cycle stemming from his time as a top account executive at Grammarly Enterprise.

Akio’s Hard Skills

Business Case Creation


Deal Progression

Mid-funnel Progression

Enterprise Selling


You asked, Akio answered

Here are the most upvoted questions from the AMA and Akio answered them all. In case you missed it, scroll down to watch the recording.

What was the biggest deal you’ve closed using your method?

What inspired you to look toward management consulting for sales framework applications/ ideas?

What are the biggest factors that kill deals?

What kind of help can an account executive typically expect from the marketing team to successfully close enterprise sales, in terms of making the sales process faster and smoother?

Where to find the top talent?

Interested to find out how you use your knowledge and experience in this area

Since Grammarly is simple on paper, how much find depth do you need to explain to the businesses you sell to? The only thing I know about Grammarly is paying a subscription to use their ai grammar correction

Who do you bring into your team to help drive and close the opportunity?

What's the top Management Principle you adapt to enterprise sales?

Walk us through your business enterprise close from start to finish?

Who do you model your enterprise selling success after?

What are some ways to build a business case?

Do you think MEDDIC from 1997 is still valid?

What's a common practice in enterprise sales you disagree with?

Should you always enter at the C-Level?

How do you build consensus with the entire buying committee even if you have blockers?

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