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What is HSE

Hard Skill Exchange is the world’s first B2B marketplace where top
sales practitioners exchange best practices, strategies, and techniques
to set more qualified meetings and unlock better opportunities at scale
so they can crush their quotas collectively.
All knowledge transfer happens exclusively 1:1 (and in real-time) in the
form of live drilling, role-plays, and simulations.

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How it works

  • Find the best sales practitioner

    Choose from dozens of online coaches. Use filters
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  • Drill your hard skills any time

    Find the perfect slot for your busy schedule.
    Book 1:1s in seconds via desktop or mobile.
  • Jump into a virtual room

    Drill with your coach on-demand and
    increase your learning retention by 75%.
  • Experience structured skill building

    Keep track of your training progress. Improve your
    prospecting and closing skills with our training plans.

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