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AMA session

25 Jan, 09:00 AM PT

Jake Reni

Fractional CRO at R3NI GTM Consulting
Meet Jake Reni

Jake Reni is an experienced B2B SaaS executive, sales coach, and Fractional CRO holding notable leadership roles at Adobe and HireVue. He is a Top Sales Voice on LinkedIn and a certified expert in methodologies like Challenger Sales, Winning By Design, and MEDDPICC. Bring your boldest questions about Strategic Selling to this AMA.

Jake’s Hard Skills

CRO Strategy

GTM Strategy



Customer Success


You asked, Jake answered

Here are the most upvoted questions from the AMA and Jake answered them all. In case you missed it, scroll down to watch the recording.

Which strategic selling framework stands the test of time?

How can salespeople reach the level where they can become a CRO?

What’s your favorite tech stack for getting revenue results in this crowded market?

How are you able to align sales and marketing?

Teach me your best selling skillset?

How do you land an interim role and quickly evaluate the most promising areas to focus on?

Recommendation for maintaining control of a deal at a time when decision-makers want to evaluate their options behind closed doors more than ever.

I'm brand new as a CRO and own both sales and marketing. There is so many things to fix, and I know I should be looking at them from a perspective of achieving revenue, but how do I get out of all these fires and fix things that really drive revenue.

When Hiring a Fractional CRO, what are the Key KPI or Factors one has to take note ?

What does a typical fractional CRO engagement involve? Typical ICP & GTM Strategy, fractional CRO adopts with Clients|Customers ?

How to identify champions?

What inspired you to go fractional CRO rather than full time CRO?

What’s the Utah tech scene like?

What did you learn at HireVue vs. Adobe?

Have you ever done any marketing work?

What influences whether you’ll work for a company or client?

What are your favorite methodologies for outbound?

How do you figure out what is inhibiting a startups growth and get them back on the road to scaling?

Do you believe PLG models will take over half of SaaS?

Are you a fan of parallel-assisted dialers?

What are your thoughts on compensation structures?

How do you manage expectations of the CEOs and CMOs you report into?

How can I go from AE to VP to CRO?

What’s the best way to close a big deal in the recession?

What should I look for in the best companies to work for?

How do you manage expectations of the CEOs and CMOs you report into?

Tell me how you go about formulating a strategic revenue plan. Give me a sense of your process.

How do you use KPIs and other metrics to measure and improve performance?

What types of digital marketing techniques have been successful in your previous roles?

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