AMA session

20 Feb, 09:30 AM PT

Ashleigh Early

Sales Leader, Cheerleader and Champion
Meet Ashleigh Early

Ashleigh is an expert fractional sales leader, coach, trainer, and practitioner who has specialized in outbound sales methodologies and full cycle as some of the world’s best startups and corporations like Okta, where she ran sales development. Her popular consultancy and podcast “Across the Pond and Over the Rainbow” has brought critical acclaim and practical tips to software sellers everywhere. Get ready to ask her tough questions about building and scaling sales teams, Sales Operations, Sequence design, and outbound GTM motions that cut through the noise.

Ashleigh’s Hard Skills

Sales & Marketing Leadership

Sales Management

Sales Operations

Revenue Analysis

Revenue Forecasting

Strategic Prospecting

Sales Pipeline Development

You asked, Ashleigh answered

Here are the most upvoted questions from the AMA and Ashleigh answered them all. In case you missed it, scroll down to watch the recording.

What are your top 3 tips for sellers looking to crush their quota in 2024?

How did you become good at selling and what's the secret to effectively coaching people?

What's your top tech stack go-to as a solo consultant or for a startup company?

Do you think selling has radically changed or the fundamentals are more important than ever?

Build scalable sales ops - metrics, data?

Why is cold calling so intimidating?

Best advice for an SI to build a co-selling partnership with an OEM's AEs or sales team?

What's your method?

When there aren’t inbound leads, and little money to invest in demand gen, how do you make cold outreach effective?

How do you incorporate PLG strategy in Hardware sales?

What to do if having difficulties processing a lot of information while keeping focus on targets?

What’s your favorite way of nurturing prospects who are not ready to buy?

How do you gain insight on your leads and how do you identify and qualify your top prospects prior to speaking with them?

How can you incorporate PLg in hardware sales?

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