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22 Feb, 08:00 AM PT

Seth Marrs

Research Director, Forrester
Meet Seth Marrs

Seth brings more than 20 years of experience leading sales operations, service operations, and marketing organizations. He excels at leveraging data, process, and technology to drive growth in organizations of all sizes and in all industries. He’s been one of the leading voices to understand modernized RevOps, tech stack optimization, and the future of GTM innovation in the space. Bring your questions about technology innovation, forecasting, and revenue acceleration to this exclusive AMA.

Seth’s Hard Skills

Sales Process Development

Tech Stack Optimization

AI-driven sales

ROI Calculation & Analysis

Building / Maintaining Playbooks

You asked, Seth answered

Here are the most upvoted questions from the AMA and Seth answered them all. In case you missed it, scroll down to watch the recording.

When will we see funding turn around?

What is the recent M&A of companies like Salesloft & Drift telling us about the future of tech?

Do you think AI is overhyped? In what cases has it been practical?

Which companies are leveraging the most innovative GTM strategies?

Any advice for value (most focus to things that bring most value) and time management?

For a company traditionally reliant on direct relationships rather than SEO or digital presence, what are the first steps towards digital transformation that can lead to measurable growth?

What's the future of B2B eCommerce?

Why do you think sales doesn't fully or always trust presales and what can either party do about it?

Which VCs do you follow and why?

What are the top 3 books in your library right now?

Which company is most influential in B2B right now?

What are your thoughts on the Drift Salesloft tie-up?

Do you think revenue leaders should switch up their strategies going after C-Levels?

How many emails is too many?

What was your take on banning of AI-based cold calling recently?

If you took over a startup company with 10MM ARR in 2024, what are the top 3 strategies you’d focus on to grow it?

Who were your mentors?

What inspired you to go into the analyst world and why Forrester?

Which conferences do you find most beneficial on the circuit?

Which other analysts do you follow?

If you could only leverage 3 pieces of technology to drive revenue what would they be?

Do you think Founder-Led sales is effective?

What’s your advice on when to go PLG and how to do it profitably?

What are the really useful applications of ChatGPT and OpenAI?

Why is forecasting still so inaccurate?

When will there be a fully automated top of funnel?

Which companies are you researching that are most exciting to you right now?

What inspired you to become an analyst?

What’s the most effective way to consolidate a tech stack?

What kind of budget should people spend on quality AdTech and MarTech?

What should the role of C-Levels be when it comes to marketing, revops, and sales - hire and delegate or hands on?

What advice do you have for startups to maintain a more competitive revenue generation advantage?

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