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28 Nov, 10:30am PT

Anis Bennaceur

Co-Founder & CEO, Attention
Meet Anis Bennaceur

Anis Bennaceur, Co-Founder & CEO of, 2X founder, is a RevOps expert passionate about hacking sales. He’s built a revolutionary AI-assistant for sales teams that can auto-fill CRM, enforce MEDDIC & SPICED, and analyze & act on call data. In his session, CROs, VPs of Sales, Sales managers, Founders, and CEOs will discover the next wave of conversational intelligence and AI assistance. Bring your hard questions about leveraging AI for sales execution and managing sales teams.

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Enterprise Selling


Sales Methodologies

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You asked, Anis has the answer

Here are the most upvoted questions and Anis is going to answer them now.

What’s the best workflow to leverage conversational intelligence plus CRM integration?

How do you effectively coach reps with AI to improve their performance?

What’s the most effective way to roll out a new sales methodology and ensure adoption?

How do you sell/ present your marketing performance in a room full of C-level and make them enthusiastic even when there the numbers are not incredible?

If building a sales engine from scratch, what would be your advice if taking a staged approach to developing, what are the first things you would focus on gettting right before graduating to next stage? (foundational and most bang for buck ROI). Thanks!

Given the pace of change, our GTM teams are shifting their approach month-to-month and Q-to-Q but RevOps and IT aren't nible. What's the future state of IT vs. "the business"?

How to track tasks for each prospect when deciding to conduct manual multi-channel prospecting?

What’s the best workflow to leverage conversational intelligence plus CRM integration?

What is the accuracy of AI output and how generic are the outputs?

What do you think is the biggest blocker preventing 80% of sales reps from effectively using AI in the process today?

What happened to the category of algorithmic guided selling?

Will AI tech consolidation be the next big trend, considering recent acquisitions such as Clari's purchase of Wingman and HubSpot's acquisition of Clearbit, as well as companies like Gong and Vidyard utilizing AI for email generation?

What’s your exit strategy?

What are you most excited about in the product roadmap

How can Salesforce stay competitive with far more advanced AI startups?

What’s the top use case you’re seeing on Attention?

Whats your best advice to startup founders who want to fundraise in this climate?

What’s your philosophy on social selling?

Who are your mentors?

How do you know if you're a Founder?

How did you develop your skills to pitch investors?

What’s the top use case you’re seeing on Attention?

Do you think ZoomInfo will ever be acquired?

Where is conversational intelligence going as a category?

How do you balance inbound and outbound?

From your perspective, will customers accept AI agents as mediums for interaction with companies and services? Say the average American buyer in B2B or even B2C.

Is Founder-Led sales effective?

What's your advice on hiring?

What are the last few books that truly inspired you?

Do you respect Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Elon Musk more?

If you could do it all over again, what would you change?

Should all GTM leaders learn technical coding skills?

Is AI really useful or just a hype machine?

Who should be your first hire when you fundraiser?

What kind of external agencies have you worked with?

What's harder: sales, marketing or product?

Should SDRs report to the CRO or CMO / VP Mkt - Demand Gen

Of all the things you could have built, why this one?

What motivates you to lead?

How do you handle risk?

Do you do any advising outside of Attention?

You have been involved startups before, what did you learn?

What's the best GTM tech stack?

AI is updating at unpredictable speeds, how can it be more efficient for sales teams to align with AI assistance strategies?

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