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AMA session

3 Nov, 11:30 AM PT

Christian Allen

Sales Coach, HSE
Meet Christian Allen

Christian is a seasoned sales pro who has overachieved quota at EverCommerce with past roles at Gong and Birdeye. A GTM strategist and advisor, Christian understands what it takes to grow revenue for startups and scaleups. Ask him hard-hitting and practical questions about the sales tactics that work today.


Christian’s Hard Skills

Demo Framework


Deal Progression

Enterprise Selling

SMB Selling

You asked, Christian has the answer

Here are the most upvoted questions and Christian is going to answer them now.

How do you get CEOs to stay engaged in your deal?

Walk us through the last 6-figure deal you closed soup to nuts.

Why don’t you believe in using email as an outbound channel?

Best technique to close a sale?

How do you multi-thread?

What's good with Hard Skills exchange?

Which is more powerful – Challenger or SPIN?

Do you subscribe to a qualification methodology?

Who was your favorite boss and why?

Which courses have you taken that actually drove value?

Who is your top inspiration/mentor in sales?

What was the hardest deal you ever closed?

Walk me through your process to upsell an account?

Walk me through your process of renewal?

What's in your tech stack?

What's the most overhyped category of tech stacks?

Are you using ChatGPT and OpenAI?

Which outbound methods are most effective?

Do you think discovery and demo should happen on the same call or split out?

What's the difference between closing transactional and strategic sales?

What's the secret to getting elevated and promoted inside SaaS companies?

Do you have tips on acing interviews as you've been successful getting hired?

What's your first 90 days plan?

How many cold calls and emails do you do per day?

How much should reps personalize emails?

Do you believe the SDR-AE model is broken?

What percentage of pipeline should full cycle AEs develop?

Should SDRs report to sales or marketing?

What's the perfect incentive structure?

Should seller be allowed to write their own messaging and experiment with AI?

Do you listen to call recordings?

What's your philosophy for coaching performance out of reps?

How do you onboard a new team member effectively?

Should reps be able to technically demo?

Which sales teams and companies do you model yourself after?

Where are the best companies to work at as a software rep?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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