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AMA session

23 Nov, 10:00am PT

Christian Krause

Founder, SaaS Sales Academy
Meet Christian Krause

Christian was a top performer at Salesforce as an SDR who moved up to AE and overachieved quota, closed 50+ new customers and millions in new business. Christian is a systems thinker who can build a process quickly for anything messy and disorganized in outbound. This allows immediate efficiency and effectiveness increases. Ask Christian about how he moved up so quickly and sustained performance in a competitive AE role.

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You asked, Christian has the answer

Here are the most upvoted questions and Christian is going to answer them now.

How do you get CEOs to stay engaged in your deal?

Walk us through the last 6-figure deal you closed soup to nuts.

How were you able to move up so quickly in the competitive AE environment of Salesforce?

In the tech industry 18 months ago, every company thought their TAM was endless and enormous. Now prospecting is much more important, and TAM's are more realistic/focused. If my TAM is small and my product is high cost/high value, is super-personalized outreach and deep research the right strategy? Sales leaders still expect 60+ calls a day, but with a limited TAM, it's hard to understand how this is possible.

What were the strategies used to get hired with Salesforce?

What was one key habit that put you in the best position to be a top performer at Salesforce?

We all have the same amount of hours per day: How do you leverage technology to streamline your processes and enhance productivity?

How to progress the relationship naturally after the first contact?

How do you qualify the leads early in the sales cycle?

What's the best way to learn more about sales?

Best openers and closers?

What is the best way to educate yourself on how to sell to CFOs in the downturn of the economy?

How would you structure a cold call when targetting SME

Secret sauce of closing deals?

How do you turn objections into new chance to discover?

As someone who is cold calling everyday. What is your advice to get more meetings?

How would you acquire and engage sellers at scale for your PLG salestech product?

Once you've connected with someone on LinkedIn, how do you approach them? Straight to the point (what you want to sell) or do you "dance" a little, get tom know them and them pitch to them the idea?

How to make your sale accountable? Make them rework and collaborate on marketing or product to improve the whole organisation?

Do you have tips for outbound?

Any advice/tips to a starting BDR?

How to approach sales in a very young tech startup with MVP only (minimal viable product)?

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