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AMA session

17 Nov, 10:00am PT

Christian Retek

Founder/CEO, Revenue Drivers
Meet Christian Retek

Christian Retek is the pinnacle of CRO in the arena leading from the front at Revenue Drivers & Apex. He is an accomplished technology professional with over a decade of experience in developing partnerships and deploying digital twin technology across various industries, including Education, Construction, Defense, and Oil & Gas. With a degree in computing and computer science, Christian has a deep understanding of the technology behind digital twin systems, having developed software himself for the likes of Google.

Christian’s Hard Skills

Enterprise Sales

Account Planning

Sales Process Development

High-Ticket Enterprise Selling


CRO strategy

You asked, Christian has the answer

Here are the most upvoted questions and Christian is going to answer them now.

What do we do now that email is limited to 5K/day and .3% spam rate?

How do you stay motivated being a leader and a doer, not just a strategist?

What’s the best way to deploy a fractional CRO model so it actually drives ROI?

How do you do from a VP, Sales or CMO to CRO?

Where is a good place/person to learn from, if you aspire to climb the sales corporate ranks. To country manager, VP etc.?

How do you balance? You are very fit and are as focused as anyone I have ever met.

How can we bridge the gap in an effective way during a demo?

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