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AMA session

14 May, 10:30 AM PT

Dennis Sprute

Fractional Seller for Early-Stage Seed Startups, Ex-BetterUp, Groupon
Meet Dennis Sprute

Dennis was the top AE responsible for +18% of entire company, multiple 6-7 figure deals from lead-to-cash, and all trained/managed SDRs became well-performing AEs.

Dennis’s Entrepreneurial Selling style enabled him to launch growth startups and close million-dollar deals, working with brands like Nike, Panasonic, an LEGO.

Entrepreneurial Selling encourages a strategic, holistic mindset. It demands ownership and first-principle thinking, going beyond full-cycle selling. Sellers handle all roles, seeing each deal as a life’s work investment.

Dennis’s Hard Skills

Fractional Sales

Customer Development

Full-Cycle Selling

Strategic Partnerships

Territory Planning

Cold Outreach

Process Documentation

You asked, Dennis has the answer

Here are the most upvoted questions and Dennis is going to answer them now.

What’s the most effective channel for outbound in 2024 and why?

How are you leveraging ChatGPT to get meetings, looking for specific tech and tactics that work?

What’s more important, personalization or relevance?

Do you think the SDR role will go away?

How do you do targeting effectively?

What does your tech stack look like?

What’s the secret to retain customers?

What’s your approach to messaging and positioning?

How did you get such strong results for the teams you grew?

Can you walk us through some 7 figure deals?

Which sales methodologies for full cycle do you prefer?

What inspired you to build a demand gen business?

Where do you see yourself in 2030?

How do you scale outbound? Is predictable revenue even possible?

How do you call into leads that might not be your champion but can help you get information?

What are some of the strategies you've used that helped make you successful as a fractional seller?

Are group incentives useful?

How do you sell your services to startups?

What are the best techniques for cold calling Mid-Market in the US when we are a reseller for a brand?

What are your best strategies for getting prospects attention and scheduling a call or meeting?

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