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AMA session

6 Dec, 10:00 AM PT

Kahlil Trocmé

Manager, Business Development, Aurora Solar
Meet Kahlil Trocmé

From bootstrapping startups to his tenure at the French Embassy, SFDC & Drift, Kahlil gained a wealth of experiences. He’s an entrepreneurial-minded & competitive sales leader with a proven track record of driving revenue growth. True top-of-funnel expert, adept at crafting GTM playbooks and coaching BDRs to generate quality pipeline fast. Ask him anything about outbound on this exclusive AMA!

Kahlil’s Hard Skills

Cold Emailing

Cold Calling

Identifying Decision-Makers

Competitor Research and Analysis

Time Management

Creative Outbound

Go-to-Market Messaging

You asked, Kahlil has the answer

Here are the most upvoted questions and Kahlil is going to answer them now.

What’s the optimal way to set up an outbound sequence?

How do you effectively research competitors and leverage this knowledge to win deals?

What’s the most creative outbound campaign you’ve ever built?

How do you know where to prioritize your time while prospecting?

What are the optimal cadences to set meetings?

How much personalization do you use?

Do you believe in PBOs?

How many voicemails do you leave?

What are your favorite tech stacks?

What's made you so successful at companies like Drift as compared to your peers?

What are your favorite sales books?

Who are your mentors and how did you find them?

What are some examples of building quality pipeline fast?

Whats the one million dollar secret of outreach?

Which methodologies work well for you?

What was the most challenging moment in your career?

What are your tips for getting hired and finding the right companies?

Who was the best boss you ever had and why?

What's the secret to managing reps?

How do you manage your time effectively?

What's allowed you to gain technical acumen?

Tell us about your playbooks

Who are your heros?

What is your why?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Do you think sales can be learned in books?

How are you leveraging ChatGPT and OpenAI?

How many emails do you send per day?

Do you prefer to work with internally centralized or decentralized enablement teams?

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