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3 Jan, 09:00 AM PT

Mark Stouse




Meet Mark Stouse

As the CEO of, Mark leads the team with an AI-native platform that helps GTM teams plan, predict, prove, and pivot their investments in real time. With over 26 years of experience in marketing communications and strategy, he’s passionate about transforming GTM performance with data-driven insights and agile decision making. He also co-chairs the Modern GTM Organizational Structure at the Marketing-Accountability-Standards-Board and serves as a member of the Brand Valuation Work Group at the Association of National Advertisers. Bring all your best questions about C-Level strategy and execution. This will be a masterclass on marketing, analytics and GTM.

Mark’s Hard Skills

GTM Strategy



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You asked, Mark has the answer

Here are the most upvoted questions and Mark is going to answer them now.

What’s the future of Marketing Mix Modeling?

Why do so many leaders misunderstand how to optimize GTM?

Do you think organizations should have a CRO or CCO?

How do you predict where and how to spend on advertising with the highest ROAS?

Mark, what advice would you have for clients who are just developing their data analysis function?

What's your advice for someone looking to move into sales management?

What is the best way to lower CAC?

As a CMO turned CEO, what are the top three marketers should focus on to build credibility across the C-suite?

You've mentioned this word scalene, what do you mean?

What's the role of trust in getting deals done?

How do you decide where to place your bets on advertising vs. PR?

Which business experiences shaped you the most in your career?

If there isn't a recession, how come budgets are being slashed?

Which forecasting tech actually works?

Why is C-Suite demand for calculated ROI spiking?

You're very well read, what holds your attention in recent content?

What inspired you to create the company?

Who are you mentors?

You've written about ROI in marketing in comparison to climate change and pandemics - can you explain why?

What inspired you to create the company?

What's our philosophy on macroeconomics and running a business?

How do you spot the best talent? What's your interview process like?

What are the biggest mistakes you've made in your career?

Why isn't human behavior deterministic?

What are some of the ways you're applying your love of history to business?

When's the last time a great salesperson interacted with you? What did they do differently?

If someone did want to get a meeting with you, what would they have to do?

What are you top predictions for GTM in 2024?

How do you decide which vendors to keep or cut?

What's your advice on creating a compelling business case?

In building PROOF, how did you create a MOAT with your IP in such a crowded analytics space (key differentiators)?

What actions have you taken to become a more efficient and effective CEO?

Talk to me about FOFO.

Noticed you doing some posts about China, the UN, Churchill and Da Vinci - are you synthesizing these? How do you pick what you'll read next?

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