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AMA session

18 Dec, 10:00 AM PT

Mike Hamberg

Global Sales Development Leader, HSE
Meet Mike Hamberg

Mike cut his teeth as an SDR (147%), AE (132%), and Revenue Leader (117%) in under-the-radar companies, stealing business from the big shots and old dogs. Now a Global sales leader, he’s coached >$60MM in revenue pipeline over the past 3 years. A verified coach, transforming prospectors into top billers who smash >250% of their number. LinkedIn top voice. Sales fundamentals, prospecting, mindset. Ready to dance with the disruptor? Get thee to this AMA and upvote your top outbound questions.

Mike’s Hard Skills



Cold Calling

Cold Emailing

Deal Reviews

You asked, Mike has the answer

Here are the most upvoted questions and Mike is going to answer them now.

How does a seed stage startup beat a publicly traded Goliath on a SaaS deal?

What are the top ways you’re helping reps unlock pipeline in the difficult climate?

Which methods and tactics are your go-tos for driving new business?

What's your David vs. Goliath strategy?

Which prospecting channels work best for you?

Do you believe email is dead?

What's the closest call ever on a deal where you almost lost it?

What was your biggest mistake in sales?

What's your advice to yourself if you were just starting out?

Which methodology and processes do youse?

What's your advice for choosing the right role? How 'bout getting promoted?

What's your optimal tech stack?

Who are your mentors?

What are your favorite books on sales?

Which role did you thrive in the most?

Did you ever think about doing marketing?

Have you ever done a side hustle?

What's the best way to navigate the politics in an organization?

Which qualification methodology works the best?

What is your take on people management?

Have you done much public speaking?

Do you think product knowledge is essential for sellers?

Do you think product knowledge is essential for sellers? How have you developed your acumen?

What's the best way to resolve a work conflict?

Which phone openers work best for you?

How are you conducting effective discovery?

Where do you see yourself in 2030?

How often do you re-evaluate your ICP? How would you go about creating an ICP from scratch for a new company?

How would you find/target people that aren't online? No LinkedIn profile, no Facebook, etc.

I'm a marketing director who is also sales enablement and leads biz dev - Canada and LATAM market expansion is our focus this year and trust is something we're struggling with initially - we over come it of course, we've been a key player for 25 years its just that some have not heard of us bc our contract was only in US. Baby steps yes, but if you have any ideas - I'm in ;-)

How would you suggest booking meeting as a startup?

How do you find your leads?

How to ensure we move from the discovery to the demo and down the sales process?

What criteria do you use to stop prospecting a prospect?

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