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AMA session

9 Nov, 10:30am PT

Tim Dodd

Enterprise Social Selling Coach at HSE
Meet Tim Todd

Ever wondered how to generate enterprise leads with modern social selling outreach strategies? Formal Oracle executive, Tim Dodd understands how sellers can leverage personal branding, micro-marketing and content creation to get big deals done leveraging Socials and crush the competition. Bring your hard hitting questions about cracking the LinkedIn platform.

Tim’s Hard Skills

Social Selling

Identifying Decision Makers


Competitor Research & Analysis

Solution Selling

High-ticket Enterprise Selling

You asked, Tim has the answer

Here are the most upvoted questions and Tim is going to answer them now.

How do I get CXOs to respond to me on Social Media?

What’s the best way to write outreach messages on LinkedIn?

What should I do if an executive prospect doesn’t respond or is ghosting me?

How often do you cold call?

How do you present data to the board and how you do cope when numbers are down, and how to set expectations when numbers are up but you know that next fews months are going to be a tough ride?

Is there some behavior in a prospect that hints that they'll ghost you?

What value addition you can do at every follow up touches?

What is the most effective approach to social selling if my product portfolio is across various ICPs - how do I make sure I talk in the specific language that resonates with all the ICPs?

Let's say the product I have had nothing substantially unique and price point wise it's similar to other products. How to sell when there isn't much practical differentiation?

How can I build my followers really fast?

What defines Enterprise grade social selling?

What’s going through your head when you reach out to a C-Level?

What are some tools you use to automate linkedin outreach?

What’s the secret to getting CEOs to talk to you?

Are you finding CXOs are even on LinkedIn?

What’s the sequence of touches that unlocks good meetings?

What’s the best way to get phone numbers for your best LinkedIn Connections?

Is Sales Nav worth it?

How many messages can you send a day without getting shut off?

How do you stay organized with social selling? I get frazzled.

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