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AMA session

20 Dec, 10:00 AM PT

Warren Zenna

CEO, The CRO Collective


Meet Warren Zenna

Warren is a Strategic Sales and Marketing Leader with over 20 years of executive experience. He is currently the Founder and CEO of The CRO Collective, a B2B consultancy that focuses on the success of Chief Revenue Officers. Warren has worked with clients such as DailyPay, Equinox, Freshly, Skymint, and more. He has also held several leadership roles at Digital marketing agencies and has experience leading sales and business development teams. Warren holds a BFA from Syracuse University and is a regular public speaker and contributing writer for several publications. Bring your questions about leading the revenue function in innovative startups, scale ups, and agencies.

Warren’s Hard Skills

Strategic Selling


Executive Branding

Conflict Mediation

You asked, Warren has the answer

Here are the most upvoted questions and Warren is going to answer them now.

Who is the weakest link in the revenue chain?

Should CROs be in charge of marketing?

What are the real metrics that govern the modern revenue organization?

What framework do you use when hiring AEs?

Do you manage your time as a solopreneur?

Do you look at revenue as a supply chain. If so, would you consider the writings of Drucker and Demming to be relevant to GTM strategy?

What's your criteria for hiring an effective CRO?

How do you de-silo a company?

How do you manage someone out of the business? Or, do you believe it's possible to transition them into a new role?

Do you think the Predictable Revenue model is broken?

Under which circumstances would you over-invest into technology?

Is revenue enablement even a thing?

Why do so few organizations have true CROs?

Do you believe that strong VP of Sales is the best route to becoming a CRO?

Do you have any tips on conflict mediation in the C-Suite?

Who were the best ever CEOs you worked for and why?

How can you improve forecasting?

What is the role of AI in the C-Suite, if at all?

Several people have now gone from CMO to CRO but it seems to be very unusual – why is that?

If you had to give advice to your 25-year-old self, what would it be?

What are the top 3 challenges facing CROs going into 2024?

If you are brought into run revenue but need to make cuts to rightsize the organization, how would you start this painful process?

Have you ever been able to get a founder-led sales motion or CEO-led to loosen the reins and let the sales leaders do their job?

How do you deal with big ego people you're forced to work with?

What's the secret to building a healthy culture in a startup company?

Where do you see the connective tissue between the CSM team, Product, and the Revenue Org?

Are you cluing into NRR as the indicator of churn or are there other metrics?

What's the ideal mix of Services and SaaS and how do you control this?

What level of involvement should frontline sellers have on product?

If the PMF is bad, should you leave the company?

What would increase the average tenure of CROs?

Who do you feel are the top CROs in the game right now?

Which methodologies are evergreen / working in recession? What's the most cutting edge way you've seen for structuring GTM?

Do you believe in marketing mix modeling?

Can you walk us through setting up an effective cross-divisinoal ABM campaign where everyone is working in lock step?

How do you look at fundraising and IPOs?

Walk us through effective positioning of startups, branding and marketing and how as a CRO you can influence and shape a market?

How technical should a CRO be?

Elon Musk did away with meetings, do you believe in them? How many is too many?

How do you look at training?

What do you invest more time into? Tech stack software training or GTM strategy?

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