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AMA session

27 Oct, 10:00 AM PT

Yaman Kamalmaz

Enterprise Account Executive at Box
Meet Yaman Kamalmaz

Yaman is a top Enterprise sales rep hailing from Box, Salesforce and Intelex. Bring your best questions about territory management, forecasting, deal strategy, negotiation and closing. Any enterprise question is fair game. Ask Yaman anything!

Yaman’s Hard Skills

High Ticket Enterprise Selling


Account Planning


Presentation Refinement


You asked, Yaman has the answer

Here are the most upvoted questions and Yaman is going to answer them now.

How do you build a compelling business case for a CFO?

What’s the best way to respond to and control the RFP process?

What strategies and tactics do you use to grow the value of a deal?

How do you drive urgency?

How do you drive urgency? How to create bridges for value to be create?

How to C-level to a meeting?

How do you uncover mission critical business issues that drive the sense of urgency throughout the deal?

Buying processes changed during recent years, how did you shift to stay on top?

Negotiations online vs face to face

Your go to Discovery question

How do you build a solid case when the products impact is hard to quantify such as cyber security?

What strategies do you use to engage and obtain sponsorship from the C-Suite?

How do you penetrate an enterprise account?

How do you penetrate an enterprise account? how do you nail a board room presentation?

What's the most important aspect of negotiating a larger deal?

How do you leverage the concept of anchoring?

How do you progress sales cycles?

What's the best way to get referred into an F500?

How do you deal with RFPs effectively?

How do you decide which company is the best to work for comp wise?

What are your tips on getting promoted?

Is it possible to start as an AE or must you come through the role of SDR?

How do you deal with organizational politics?

What type of training have you received in your enterprise roles?

How has the recession impacted your ability to sell?

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