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Justin Michael

Minting Millionaires

Justin Michael

Minting Millionaires

4 reviews

12 active clients

20 sessions

My coaching intensives that will completely change your life and results. We will get to the root of what's limiting your mindset, skillset, and tactics. Once we crack your case, you will get all the knowledge and skills necessary to 2-5X your income as I have myself and helped myriad others repeatedly do. From BEING, THINKING, and DOING erupt endlessly in upward spirals of exponential growth. What are you waiting for? Let's change your life and results today!

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Reviews (4)

Alexandre Sylla


February 6, 2024

By the end of the first half-hour, I already had a rock-solid action plan for what I needed to do to skyrocket my sales results with my freelance business. Justin is literally an open book of knowledge. I got a ton of value from our coaching session

Elijah Awoke


February 5, 2024

Working with Justin has been a great experience. I started consuming his content back in Aug of 2023 - I devoured his codexes and his books. But I quickly realized in order to truly make the best of JMM you need to learn it from the master himself. I reached out to him and only working with him and doing 3 session my emails have gotten a 30% open rate when I struggled to get a 5% open rate. I'm still working on getting better and will achieve a 60-80% open rate like Justin. Also using his material I finished #1 in attainment for Q4 in my enterprise team out of 47 reps. I've just scratched the surface of the JMM technique.

John Welch


January 19, 2024

Working with Justin has changed my life. Started with one 1:1 session and from there had to go deeper and signed up for 3 months. Justin has put me through a time portal. Within weeks I worked through decades of negative self-belief and began making changes I have wanted to make for years. Just accelerated my sales and business progress by years.

Liam Alcantara


October 23, 2023

Excellent coaching from Justin! Helped me break through my mindset plateaus, and helped go to the next level in a short ammount of time.. THanks JM ; ).


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