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Robert Stevenson

I Help Companies Scale w/ Copywriting, Funnels, CRO, SEO, Email & Ads

Robert Stevenson

I Help Companies Scale w/ Copywriting, Funnels, CRO, SEO, Email & Ads

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I have over a decade of experience helping companies scale revenue, cut CAC, and multiply their LTV - using copywriting, funnels, CRO, SEO content, and social ads. I can help you by designing, building, and optimizing a profit-printing machine that consistently turns $1 in ad investment into $5, $9, $12, and sometimes even $21 in revenue for your business. Here is exactly how I can contribute to your project's success... ➡️ Copywriting & Sales Funnels: Recently, I helped a company in the IT training space, Clarusway, add $363,463 in new revenue within the first 90 days of working together from only $28k in ad spend. The evergreen funnel. I created for them produced a ridiculous $14.10 in return for every $1 invested in advertising. I wrote the ad copy, built the funnels, produced the webinar, set up the automation in ActiveCampaign, installed it in EverWebinar, managed the Google ad campaign, and then conversion rate optimized the entire system. ➡️ Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): I helped another eLearning company, CyberWarrior, to cut their customer acquisition costs by 78.14% from paid ads - from $4,622 to $1,013. The LTV of a customer was $32k LTV), so this was very profitable. I achieved this result by radically improving their messaging, designing a higher converting sales funnel, improving their underperforming email sequences, and then conversion rate optimizing every stage of this process. ➡️ Email Strategy & Copywriting: Using my email copywriting and email automation skills, I helped an eCommerce company in the audio engineering space raise their customer lifetime value from $72.25 to $147.57. That is a pretty sizeable increase of 104.35%. I achieved this in only a few months. To get the job done, I did really deep customer research so that I could craft hyper-resonant email copy and subject lines. I also built out some better segmentation in Active Campaign, and I also built (and wrote) higher-converting landing pages in ClickFunnels. ➡️ Email Automation & Copywriting: I helped Clarusway add $33,440 per month in additional revenue, without spending an additional $1 on ads. I did this by using email copywriting to better monetize their existing lead flow. First I dug through their Active Campaign account to identify the chokepoints, then I implemented smarter segmentation, wrote more resonant copy, and then systematically A/B tested subject lines - until the open rates were unlocked. ➡️ Membership Growth: Back in 2009, I built a subscription platform for music producers and audio engineers from ZERO customers and zero subscribers to 34,782 free users, 8,970 paying customers, and over 412 paying monthly subscribers. Along the way, I built an organic following of over 10k people on YouTube and my blog. I also invested over $179k in ads on YouTube at a 3.2X ROAS. This success relied heavily on my direct response copywriting skills, content creation, SEO skills, ads management, click funnels, Kajabi, email marketing, and conversion rate optimization. Here's why you should hire me over the other freelancers you are considering... ✅ The most expensive mistake you can make is choosing the wrong person. ✅ Anything but the best-performing marketer will cost you 100x more in the end. ✅ I am new to Upwork, but I am not new to scaling brands online. ✅ My priority is performance and ensuring my clients love the experience of working together. ✅ Expect clear communication, easy collaboration, an efficient workflow, and on-time delivery. I am looking forward to speaking with you soon. Robert

Hard Skills
    Building a marketing planCompetitor research & analysisContent marketingCopywritingDemand generationEmail marketingMarketing strategyPositioningSEOSocial media marketing

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