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Jun 7, 2024 • 9 AM PT • Online


Guy Kawasaki

Tech titan and author of Think Remarkable, Guy Kawasaki will judge a practical, tactical, and even radical discussion of how to transform your life and make a difference.
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Our debate synthesizes the knowledge from more than
forty years of working with these organizations:

  • How to adopt a growth mindset, develop grit and resilience, and embody grace
  • Why it’s possible to make a difference, become a better person, and lead a fulfilling life
  • What ideas and strategies enable you to transform your outlook to prepare for major changes
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Murder Your Mediocrity

“I wish we had this book when we started Apple.”

“Think Remarkable does something never before achieved: It provides a beautifully written, clear roadmap for building, optimizing, and sustaining personal and professional growth. I would have avoided so many missteps if, when starting out, I’d had this book.”
—Robert Cialdini, author of Influence and Pre-Suasion

“Think Remarkable is a powerful call-to-action that deeply resonates with the ethos of my work. It is a book for those ready to embrace their potential, achieve remarkable growth, and make their mark on the world.”
—Carol Dweck, author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

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Guy Kawasaki

Chief Evangelist, Canva, Host, Remarkable People Podcast


Mary Shea, PhD

CEO, Evangelist, Analyst,
Ex-Mediafly, Outreach, Forrester

Kelley Hippler

CRO, Ex-Forrester CSO

Matt Millen

Co-Founder & President,

Anne Hollander

Chief Strategy Officer, Thirty Capital

Ashley Welch

Co-Founder, Somersault Innovation

Teasha Cable

CEO & Co-Founder, CModel

Michelle Killebrew

Former Chief Marketing Officer, NTT Americas

Stephane Maes

Managing Director, ADCR Capital

Felix Kues

General Partner and Founder, Aurelia Ventures

Pedro Lopez Sela

Managing Partner, FrissOn capital

Rishi Sharma

West Coast Lead, Newlin Ventures

We are finalizing our lineup of speakers. Stay tuned for an all star cast.

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