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Jun 21, 2024 • 9 AM PT • Online


Matthew Dicks

Matthew Dicks is the bestselling author of Storyworthy, humor columnist, and renowned public speaker, storyteller, and teacher. With his expertise in storytelling, speech writing, and branding, he has collaborated with top companies such as Slack, Johnson & Johnson, Saatchi & Saatchi, MetLife, Pfizer, Amazon, and Microsoft.
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Forgettable vs. Memorable: Should C-Levels Become Entertainers? C-Suites assume they are
entertaining but are often not (but never in doubt!) This debate goes out to those who believe in
the philosophy but make no attempt to increase their skill level.

Matthew Dicks is a successful best-selling author, columnist, blogger, podcaster, playwright, and
teacher. His book “Storyworthy” is considered one of the best resources on the art of storytelling.
During the day, he shares his knowledge as an elementary school teacher, and at night, he
provides education on storytelling and public speaking to individuals, corporations, universities,
religious institutions, and school districts globally. He has been sought after by esteemed
institutions such as Yale, MIT, Harvard, and Purdue, as well as by companies like Amazon,
Salesforce, Slack, and Lego.

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· 9x Moth GrandSLAM Storytelling Champion
· Internationally bestselling author of novels and nonfiction
· 25 years in teaching & education
· More than a decade in corporate and business consulting

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Win Customers & Build Brands
Through the Power of Storytelling

“Matt Dicks is an incredible coach with a truly unique knack for engaging any audience through strategic storytelling.”
Ania Smith, CEO of Taskrabbit

“Business relationships depend on communication and connection, and nothing is more equipped to facilitate those bonds than storytelling. . . . By utilizing storytelling in your business, you, too, can build a timeless legacy and lifelong friendships.”
Alykhan Rehmatullah, Co-Founder and CEO of Kalpa

“This is your opportunity to learn the art of storytelling from a master craftsperson. . . . It’s your chance to be mentored by Matt and learn how to outsell all your peers using stories alone. Most importantly, this book will help you learn how to think in story, a skill that will separate you from the pack and make people pay attention.”
from the foreword by Masha Cresalia, founder of Product Narrative Consulting

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Matthew Dicks

Author of


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VP of Revenue Enablement & GTM Operator

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