AMA session

7 Nov, 10:30am PT

Steven Brady

Founder/CEO, SXS Consulting
Meet Steven Brady

Founder-led sales expert scaled Interseller to 1,000 customers and 7-figure ARR in 3 years, booked 1,000 demo calls as head of sales at Keap, growing revenue 100% month over month and leading to acquisition. Join us for this exclusive HSE AMA as we go deep on GTM models for scaling startups from one of B2B’s best and brightest.

Steven’s Hard Skills



Top of Funnel


Product Market Fit

You asked, Steven has the answer

Here are the most upvoted questions and Steven is going to answer them now.

What’s more effective in the early stage - inbound or outbound?

What’s the secret to finding product-market fit?

How do you crack into the first accounts and convert your first big paying customers?

Where would you prioritize your efforts for an early-stage start-up when wanting to attract early adopters for a Saas subscription service. What are the top sales methodologies you follow in your day-to-day activities? what are the sales tools you absolutely find necessary and what do you think is missing and could make your life easier

What are the top sales methodologies you follow in your day-to-day activities? what are the sales tools you absolutely find necessary and what do you think is missing and could make your life easier

How to make the leap from enterprise seller to independent seller?

How many hours of cold calling do you do per week?

Can you share your most impactful client story? What was the challenge/opportunity, how did you help and what was achieved?

How do you build trust with your audience while you are trying to sell to them at the same time?

What are the critical KPIs or metrics that you tracked to measure the success and health of your sales efforts during rapid growth periods?

What’s your philosophy on how to give a great demo?

Do you use MEDDIC or which other methodologies work for qualification?

Do you like SPIN or Challenger better?

Who was your favorite CEO to work with and why?

What advice do you have for breaking into accounts by. networking with your C-Levels, VCs and Board?

What was the biggest failure of your career?

What advice would you give yourself at 21?

What’s the best book on any aspect of GTM you read in the last year and why?

Who are your mentors?

Do you ever walk away from deals? If so, why?

Where do you see yourself in 2030?

What’s the most important trait or traits you look for in hiring?

What’s your process were disciplining or managing out underperforming reps?

How do you survive the politics of startup life?

Do you believe in PLG?

Are you OK managing a top rep that earns more than you?

What’s the secret to succeeding in early stage?

Have you thought about founding your own thing?

What’s on your mind when you close a deal?

Any tips on negotiation? Especially in touch economise?

What’s the difference between a startup and scale up when it comes to GTM motions?

How do pivot if outbound is failing unexpectedly?

Have you ever left a company because the product was bad?

Which methods do you adapt to early stage startups?

What’s the secret to growing to 100 customers to 500 to 1,000?

How do you stay aligned with the C-Level team as the founding VP of Sales?

At your stage as a CEO much of your day involves top of the funnel and cold outreach?

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