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AMA session

Justin Michael

Meet Justin Michael

Justin Michael has released a double international bestseller that continues to chart on Amazon. Some call it the most important sales book since “The Challenger Sale.” In this AMA he will dive deep into “Justin Michael Method 2.0” uncharted territory that deals with: negotiation, closing, presentations, side hustles, ChatGPT & Generative AI use cases, interviewing, 7-figure mindset, sales stunts + more.

Justin’s Hard Skills

Advanced Cold Calling

Advanced Cold Emailing/Sequencing

Advanced Social Selling

Advanced Video/Visual Prospecting

You asked, Justin has the answer

Here are the most upvoted questions and Justin is going to answer them now.

How much Generative AI should I be using in my emails and which vendors?

What’s the secret to opening and closing massive deals with C-Levels?

How do you launch an effective side hustle consultancy and scale it?

What are the top 3 in an ideal tech stack for cold outreach and combos?

How do you make sure your sales teams are being held acountable?

Integrating BD / call center with outbound lead gen efforts?

What are the main chapters/categories of a sales process that have to happen in buyer conversations for true underlying objections to be identified and overcome for deals to close?

How can I sell more?

Everyone is talking about building lists but no one tells you how to do it - how do I go about building great outbound prospect lists?

What makes you excited about the google/yahoo email changes?

How do you suggest adding partners into the opening allowing them to control the client conversations?

Automate or not automate you initial messages in LinkedIn?

Any special strategies for longer sales cycles (6-12 mos.....public sector prospects)?

Any thoughts/frameworks on developing a "sales engine" for inbound lead capture and automated workflows powering the follow up activities in a one-person sales organization?

Does it matter how early in the conversation the polarity shifts?

What's the secret to opening and closing massive deals with C-Levels?

How to improve my cold calling when I am working for a reseller and not a manufacturer?

When dealing with tech-powered sales in a startup or with limited resources, how can we navigate successfully when the tech stack is not optimal?

What do you think about the upcoming email ban to control spam?

Hey Justin, I'm constantly seeing different sales coaches offering programs. You, Brandon Fluharty, Ian Koniak to name a few. As a Rep looking for coaching how can I vet and decide who to work with next year?

If I want to start a SDR/BDR Side Hustle agency, how would I source profitable businesses to help find leads for?

Outreach to public sectors (long cycles)

Modification of cold call scripts and processes for research on MVP/ideation with the goal of gaining that icp/persona as a social proof (use case / initial logo) for regular playbook RRM calls after gtm-0 stages.

What top skills should sales professionals be focusing on for 2024?

In what ways would an executive coach working primarely one on one with C-level use JMM to create new clients?

How to find big ticket deals?

What's the secret to truly unlocking a deep found conversation with C-Level & founders?

What's your favorite time management skill or process that works for you?

Looking at doing some consulting for small SaaS companies on my own and would like some insight into the need good methods to follow to land clients.

Where to begin to sidle for minimal hours?

What is your best strategy for countering the "we don't have budget for this"?

Whats the best way to come up with unique questions that pertain to their issues with your service/product?

What is the biggest wave to ride as a sales consultant for the next 2-5 years?

What are the top activities/goals you would suggest be reviewed at the beginning and end of each day?

How do you get an emotional commitment on a sales call so you get less pushbacks such as "I'm going to think about it" or "give me a few days"?

If you were trying to launch a BDR contracting company as a side hustle, what are some simple target account types that can be lucrative?

What does your daily routine look like?

Best ways to accelerate long sales cycles?

What's your take on cold call effectiveness in this hyper connected, super busy & preoccupied buyers community?

What's a unique way to capture someone's interest in your service?

How to use Generative AI to help with prospecting?

Aside from sleeping, what is your preferred way to rest? This is regarding regular days and tough days

What is the first step to getting the C suite aligned around lead gen?

How often are you using AI in your email sequences?

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