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AMA session

Justin Michael

Executive coach, CRO, HSE
Meet Justin Michael

The JMM™ has driven billions in sales pipeline. If you want to improve your sales results in Q4 and beyond, JM can help. Ask him anything about outbound, tech stacks, mindset, side hustles, AI, and social selling. Get all the answers you may have missed in the Justin Michael Method series of bestselling books on Amazon. These AMAs have been a smash hit overflowing with insightful questions so make sure you ask that burning Q!

Justin’s Hard Skills

Advanced Cold Calling

Advanced Cold Emailing/Sequencing

Advanced Social Selling

Advanced Video/Visual Prospecting

You asked, Justin has the answer

Here are the most upvoted questions and Justin is going to answer them now.

How much Generative AI should I be using in my emails and which vendors?

What’s the secret to opening and closing massive deals with C-Levels?

How do you launch an effective side hustle consultancy and scale it?

What's the best way to build a list for cold calling?

How to get past the gatekeeper when you don't have the mobile phone of the target ?

What's your approach to public sector, edtech long sales cycles?

Best resources for overcoming imposter syndrome / finding your unique offering?

How do you stimulate curiosity?

How to create an amazing offer?

How can a complete amateur make it in sales outreach?

If you were starting from scratch, what would be the top 3 for your tech stack?

What is the best way to reach out to women in business without making them feel unsafe?

What is your favorite question to ask a prospect that they have never heard before.

Justin - what has worked for you to get past gatekeepers? Persistence (hopefully getting the DM on the phone), Urgency (Desk thinks your important), Humor (Gambling your ego for routing), etc. What has worked to get routed?

What’s the best way to start a revenue consulting business while still learning?

How do I increase coke call conversion and email reply rate?

How can these skills be best utilized by VAR with a wide portfolio of partners and products?

Top 3 things to learn about email sequence & automation as a new sdr?

What kind of outreach would you suggest a solo-preneur who has no sales-team would start with using the JMM?

Best methods to start integrating AI and prospecting?

Which tactics beyond addressing the buying committee early on do you use to accelerate sales cycles?

How do you engage via email to have prospects respond to your CTA?

How do I balance letting them do most of the talking trying to get their problems out to customize what I say showing I understand the problems and being seen as authoritative in the area without talking about myself/past experience too much?

Just want to attend, no specific questions?

How do you get to real pain quick? I.e the pain attached to the biggest number.

How to scale prospecting when tied to a “one at a time” system?

How do I maintain momentum on a deal once proposals have been submitted.

What's the thought process behind crafting an email opening line?

Tips to build personalized emails.

How do you prepare for cold outreach to executives?

What should I NEVER do during a cold call?

How should I focus my effort to decrease time creating emails?

Best way to get over sales nerves from in person meetings?

If you were someone looking for a job in today’s market, what would your outreach strategy look like?

Got any experience in the logistics industry?

What is the best way to practice negotiation and handling objections?

How to be content creator in Linkedin?

Most important daily habit/ritual?

How do you increase velocity in niche markets (<200 target clients) with long sales cycles (>1 year)?

How to assess the buyer's buying capacity?

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