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AMA session

Justin Michael

Meet Justin Michael

Justin Michael is the most disruptive, revolutionary, outbound inventor/practitioner in the last 20 years. His method — The JMM — has driven billions for startups and individuals on every content as it’s neuroscience-backed, mobile responsive based and visual. It’s time to roll the dice on 21 questions. Ask anything you can possibly think of to reveal every last secret and tactic to avant-garde outbound that has driven billions in pipeline for top startups.

Justin’s Hard Skills

Advanced Cold Calling

Advanced Cold Emailing/Sequencing

Advanced Social Selling

Advanced Video/Visual Prospecting

You asked, Justin has the answer

Here are the most upvoted questions and Justin is going to answer them now.

How do you break through to C-Levels with cold email?

Why don’t you use permission-based openers (PBOs)?

How do you generate solid meetings and opportuniteis out of DM flows on LinkedIn?

Can you run an event here also ik Aussie time? Happy to being eyes to it.

Why is cold calling not supported or mandated enough by current CROs?

What prep are you doing before hitting the phone so you can maximize the number of calls but still have a relevant message and context into the call?

How can the GenAI be used sustainably for outbound, if at all?

What technical skills would be worth investing my time in and how should I go about learning them?

How would your approach differ selling to SMB’s rather than enterprise clients?

How do you manage your time doing so many projects?

When you’re a young startup, how do you build credibility for a new/first to market software platform? There’s not a lot of history or proof yet. What are the keys to success to get there when you don’t have a lot of reviews or customer references?

Relevant cold calling and Authority positioning

How to deal with customers who don't do their part of the work?

What's the single most important thing that prospects look for in an email before opening the door for you?

How to build a better script?

How do you balance sales proficiency with the reality of the product in its current state? Do you move to a new org or stay and wait it out?

How do you schedule meetings in a market not fully developed (very innovative product) ?

How does the frequency of your recommended clusters not annoy decision-makers?

How and when to use video. Is it a single touch in cadence or could it completely replace email in a given cadence?

See a company you want to work with but can't find obvious indications of a known need for your services. How to initially approach?

How can you use JMM for MOTF and BOTF not just Top of the Funnel activities?

How do you define, build and prioritise your desired customer list?

If you could only do one... Create content vs engaging with content on linkedin

Can you talk a little bit more about the importance of "Being" in the JMM and how that flows to "Doing"?

Can you talk more about your strategy of asking "What do you like about it?" when you're prospecting into an account with an incumbent solution and why it works so well?

What does a typical linkedin DM flow look like?

How do I maximise conversions of my cold outreach campaign to a global audience when my product is still being built & iterated? (I am a founder building a salestech product)

In your RRM method your looking for polarity shift and it usually comes in the Ruin Phase, where the prospect might ask, "Who am I speaking to ?" My question is , what if they ask this earlier in the conversation and I mean much earlier before you have built a little rapport, What do you do

How do I convince a prospect to buy if they are not looking to be convinced?

Why did you stop doing live cold calling sessions?

How to optimize cold call en masse with HubSpot?

Follow up strategies, when getting ghost-like responses

What is the best minimum starting vendors to use to get your tech stack going?

Suggestions for moving into a management role.

What is your approach for beating “Do Nothing”?

How do I do better targeting for email lists?

Getting the appointment

Best practices and expectations for small VAR implementing it's first sales process and using outsourced SDRs

Role playing with teammates to define roadblocks and build natural answers that come across conversational

This is like telling Jesus which Commandment is the most important. They’re all important. If you are building a skill stack, can you rank the order of importance?

Can you automate the Venn creation process with AI/text to image tech these days? Do your Visuals in emails get stripped when sending or go to spam?

What are your thoughts on increasing reply rates within cadence emails?

How do you always get the right dm?

What is the best way to ask for a meeting subtle?

Can you share the moment you realized the need to change into constant prospecting?

How do you defuse irritated prospects at the front end of a cold call?

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