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AMA session

16 Jan, 10:00 AM PT

Mike Bosworth

Sales Philosopher, STORYseekers
Meet Mike Bosworth

Mike Bosworth is a legendary sales philosopher, speaker, and author. He founded Solution Selling® in 1983 and grew it to over 50 affiliates contributing a royalty income of over $2.8M annually. Bosworth has authored several best-selling sales books, including Solution Selling, What Great Salespeople Do, and co-authoring CustomerCentric Selling. He has also been a featured lecturer at several prestigious universities. He is currently the founder of Mike Bosworth Leadership and has eight affiliates who sell and deliver his Story Seekers™ workshops.

Mike’s Hard Skills

Big-Deal Strategic Coaching

Big-Deal Negotiation Strategies

Coaching Front-Line Sales Managers

Evaluating Pipeline Quality

Developing Solution Expertise

Hiring High-Character Sales Reps

Onboarding New Reps

Sales Process

Institutionalizing Best-Selling Practices

Harvesting Customer Success Stories

The Power of Story

To Inspire Team Members and Employees

For Initiating Buy Cycles

To Demonstrate Organizational Character

To Demonstrate The Seller's Character

As a Model for Connected Listening

You asked, Mike answered

Here are the most upvoted questions from the AMA and Mike answered them all. In case you missed it, scroll down to watch the recording.

What stories do elite leaders tell?

What are some examples of Buying Vision Statements?

How important is situation-specific solution expertise to B2B sellers?

How do young salespeople build trust?

How do I get a buyer to visualize using my product?

What is premature elaboration?

How do I know if a buyer is being honest with me?

What is the best seller mindset before a B2B negotiation?

How do sellers overcome discovery resistance in their buyers?

Why do buyers not like being told, "you need to" by salespeople?

How do stories help salespeople connect with prospects?

How can B2B selling become an honorable profession?

What is the difference between persuasion and influence?

What is a 'hurt and rescue' sales technique?

Your advices to them who just started his career on sales?

How to build story around peoples struggle to sell them a course or training?

CRO's get fired after 14 mos on average. What is leadership doing wrong?

How do you uncover REAL business problems that make executives act?

Your take on the most important stakeholder for driving the buying process?

How can we most effectively create customer-specific value propositions?

If you took over a company that had been around for a long time delivering a commodity product and the people in the business had really set ways of thinking about the business as a commodity, how would you go about changing the mindset and culture. Keep in mind that these are very low level workers and some don't even speak your language.

How to sell SaaS?

What is the most used method for Cloud Revenue Forecasting ?

What AI are buyer's leveraging that we need to be aware of?

How to follow up without being annoying?

What are some rules for effective stories?

How do you enlighten someone who does not think they need your service other than creating value?

Can share your top insights / reflections about building your own process, company and affiliate channels?

The GTM Strategy for 2024 where do you see the major shift coming from in terms of a company’ strategy towards the market?

Tools which helps to Forecast Revenue Planning?

What should a seller or contributor do when starting a new role?

What kinds of stories can I tell during sales calls? What are the key elements to these stories?

How do i prepare myself to excel in the field, what's are the imperative that I should know/learn and that key skill which is should focus on?

What’s your favorite strategy for multi threading to the top level of a mid market or enterprise client?

How can a salesperson remain relevant at a time of information parity when the customer is more in control of the sales process than ever?

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