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June 12th, 2023

How to Handle Objections: Sales Objection Handling Tips

Do you know how to handle objections in the sales process? While objection handling is one of the most complex (and sometimes frustrating) parts of the sales journey, it’s a crucial skill for any professional to master. After all, more prospects you speak to will have reasons why they don’t want to buy your product […]


June 13th, 2023

What Makes a Good Discovery Call? Questions and Insights

What makes a good discovery call? As one of the most important initial stages in the sales process, the discovery call sets the tone for the entire relationship you build with your customer. It’s crucial to build rapport, learn about your target audience, and collect information you can use in your sales pitch. Unfortunately, the […]


June 14th, 2023

How to Get Better at Prospecting: Our Top Tips

Learning how to get better at sales prospecting isn’t just a great way to generate more leads for your company. It’s also a critical part of becoming an effective salesperson.  Prospecting is one of the most essential parts of the sales process, crucial for building brand visibility and attracting new opportunities. However, it’s also the […]


June 15th, 2023

What are the Steps in a Sales Process?

Strategy is crucial in any sales journey.  To genuinely convert leads and close deals, sales professionals need to know how to qualify leads, find prospective customers, handle objections, and build rapport. While some confident sales professionals assume they can just “wing it” for every customer interaction, the truth is that a clear, consistent, and calculated […]


June 16th, 2023

How to Build Rapport in Sales: The Easy Guide

Few things are more important to the sales process, than learning how to build rapport. Effective sales are all about harnessing the power of human-to-human relationships. People are more likely to spend money based on the advice of people they like, and trust.  Unfortunately, a lot of sales people sabotage their chances of success from […]


June 21st, 2023

How to Become a Better SDR: SDR Training and Tips

Learning how to become a better SDR is crucial for many budding sales professionals. While the position of “Sales Development Representative” is often seen as an entry-level role, these employees are essential to the overall success of any sales team.  Successful SDRs might not be responsible for closing deals, but they are the experts who […]


June 23rd, 2023

What is a Pain Point? Uncovering Buyer Pain Points

What is a pain point, how does it influence buyers during the sales journey, and how can you use a specific pain point to increase sales?  While highlighting the benefits of your products or services to potential customers is crucial to driving revenue and conversions, it’s also essential to demonstrate how your offering will alleviate […]


June 26th, 2023

What is Warm Calling? Mastering Warm Calling

What is warm calling, and how is it different from cold calling, or even hot calling? For years, sales reps have relied on calling, or contacting potential prospects to generate demand for their solutions, services, or products. In the past, “cold calling” or “cold email” used to be the most common way for businesses to […]


June 28th, 2023

How is Sales Enablement Different from Sales Training?

Sales training and sales enablement are two of the most important tools business leaders have when it comes to ensuring their teams are ready to close deals, and generate revenue.  Sales is a complex, and multi-faceted world. Professionals need to use a variety of skills, strategies, and tools to generate results. When hiring new sales […]


July 3rd, 2023

Your Guide to Common Sales Rep Interview Questions

Interviews can be a daunting concept in any industry, but sales interviews are often more complex than most. The questions hiring managers ask during sales interviews are designed to show business leaders how effective you are as a salesperson. After all, a great sales rep can sell anything, including their skills, talents, and experience.  Sales […]


July 12th, 2023

How to Get Started in Tech Sales: A Simple Guide

Learning how to get started in tech sales could be one of the most lucrative steps you take in your career path. Not only is the sales landscape a high-octane and ever-growing environment, but the technology industry is expanding at an incredible rate.  In fact, the number of technology startups has increased by almost 50% […]


July 13th, 2023

How do You Develop Sales Acumen? An Introductory Guide

Building business acumen is often an important process for many professionals. Business acumen is essentially a person’s ability to understand and handle business situations. It’s a culmination of general and organization-specific knowledge about how things are done in a business.  As a salesperson, learning how to build business acumen is important, to ensure you can […]


July 14th, 2023

How to get a Job in Tech Without a Degree

If you’re hoping to get a job in tech without a degree, you’re not alone. Today, companies around the world are facing a significant skills shortage in the technology landscape.  While the technology industry is growing at an incredible pace, there are only a handful of professionals with the right background knowledge to thrive in […]


July 26th, 2023

Upsell vs Cross-Sell: What’s the Difference?

Upsell vs Cross-sell: which is the best strategy for your business? The reality is you don’t really need to choose between one or the other. Both upselling and cross-selling will help you to increase potential revenue, customer lifetime value, and loyalty.  However, upselling and cross-selling are slightly different practices, which serve unique purposes. Before you […]


July 27th, 2023

Time Management in Sales: Our Top Tips

Mastering time management in sales is essential to ensuring you’re making the most of every productive hour in your day. The phrase “time is money” is particularly relevant in the sales landscape, as every moment wasted could contribute to lost revenue. Unfortunately, many professionals struggle with organizing and managing their time in the fast-paced sales […]


July 28th, 2023

What is an SDR and How Do You Become One?

What is an SDR, and should you consider becoming one? The sales landscape is full of interesting, fulfilling, and lucrative career opportunities. The role of an SDR is one of the most appealing entry-level positions for would-be professionals to consider for a number of reasons. First it offers an opportunity to build valuable skills in […]


August 2nd, 2023

Is Sales Right for Me? Getting into Sales

Every successful sales person started their career asking one simple question: “Is sales right for me?”  The world of sales can be a complex, stressful, and challenging one. It takes a lot of skill to be successful in this space, and you’re likely to face a number of hurdles you need to jump along the […]


August 3rd, 2023

What is Social Selling? Selling on Social Media

What is social selling?  You may have heard some buzz around this concept already, as social media becomes a more valuable platform for brands worldwide. The social media landscape has given companies a new environment where they can engage with, and nurture their customers.  However, the evolution of various social platforms also means they’re excellent […]


August 18th, 2023

How to Find a Sales Job in a Challenging Market

Sales jobs are some of the most dynamic, exciting, and lucrative roles out there. Provided you have the right mindset, and you’re willing to build new sales skills over time, you can earn more than six figures without ever having to gain a college degree.  Unfortunately, while the job market is flourishing, with 93% of […]


August 21st, 2023

Transitioning into Sales: A Guide for Beginners

The evolving job market has prompted countless professionals to consider transitioning into sales in recent years. While it’s true that a career in sales can be challenging, and even stressful at times, the right role can offer a number of benefits, from access to new skills, to a high potential income.  What’s more, unlike other […]


August 23rd, 2023

Essential Hard Skills for Sales: Must-Have Skills

Do you have the right hard skills to thrive as a sales expert? While the best salespeople don’t necessarily need a degree or specific qualifications to thrive in their role, they do need a variety of different skills and traits. Some of these skills are more innate, and less quantifiable, such as the ability to […]


August 25th, 2023

Your First Sales Job: What to Expect and Tips for Success

Starting your first sales job can be equal parts exciting, and daunting. On the one hand, sales can be a highly lucrative career. You can earn a significant income through salary and commissions, develop endless new skills, and build relationships with all kinds of different people. On the other hand, achieving high levels of sales […]


September 11th, 2023

Transitioning into Sales Management: What to Expect

If you’re pursuing your first sales management job, you might be wondering what to expect. While sales reps develop many of the skills they’ll need in a managerial position throughout their career, there’s a big difference between being part of a sales team, and leading one. Transitioning into sales management can be an excellent way […]


September 13th, 2023

What Makes a Good Sales Leader?

Have you ever wondered what makes a good sales leader? There’s more to being a leader in sales than simply having a “management role” that allows you to tell other team members what to do. A true leader elevates the performance of an entire sales team, helping to motivate and inspire employees, and drive results.  […]


September 15th, 2023

The Best Sales Books You Should be Reading

The best sales reps know the value of investing in constant learning and development. After all, the sales and consumer landscapes are constantly changing, and there are always opportunities for sellers to upgrade their skills and improve their performance.  While there are many ways you can potentially boost your sales knowledge, from joining forums like […]


September 19th, 2023

How to Make a Good Resume for Sales

Your sales resume can make or break your chances of success in this competitive industry. After all, any great sales person knows, first impressions are crucial.  Your sales resume is how you capture the attention of potential hiring managers with behind-the-scenes insights into your sales skills, work experience, and credentials. It’s a key tool in […]


September 21st, 2023

What is a Good Sales Win Rate?

The question “What is a good sales win rate?” is common among salespeople.  After all, sales is a metrics-driven sport, the most successful sales reps use KPIs and data to guide their strategies, close more deals, and earn more revenue. While there are various valuable metrics you can monitor in the sales process, few are […]


September 25th, 2023

Building Marketing Automation into your Sales Process

Investing in marketing automation for sales isn’t just an excellent way to save your reps time, it can also lead to new revenue opportunities and growth. Marketing automation software is one of the most powerful tool in a company’s communication arsenal.  It helps organizations not only capture the attention of new prospects, but also follow […]


September 27th, 2023

How to Sell During a Recession: Tips for Sales Reps

Learning how to sell during a recession can be tricky. When the economy begins to suffer, it’s not just businesses that struggle. Consumer purchasing habits change, and winning deals becomes a lot more difficult, even for the most experienced sales professional.  Although it remains to be seen whether we’ll enter a new recession soon, the […]


September 29th, 2023

How to Do a Product Demo

Learning how to deliver a product demo perfectly is a crucial part of becoming a successful salesperson. After all, while your sales pitches and initial conversations with customers can increase your chances of a sale, most buyers won’t commit to a purchase without seeing a solution in action.  No matter which industry you operate in, […]


October 2nd, 2023

Prospecting with ChatGPT: The Beginner’s Guide

Prospecting with ChatGPT could be the best way to elevate and optimize one of the most complicated parts of the sales process. After all, while effective prospecting is crucial to the success of any sales business, it isn’t always easy.  Cold calling, writing emails, and communicating with endless potential customers takes a lot of time […]


October 4th, 2023

Games to Build Sales Skills: Gamify your Sales Training

Teaching your employees new skills and abilities with sales training games is one of the best ways to boost the success of your workforce. We all know sales is an environment brimming with pressure and stress, adding a little fun into sales training activities can make all the difference.  Not only do sales training games […]


October 6th, 2023

Building Emotional Intelligence for Sales: Top Tips

Emotional intelligence is one of the most crucial skills any sales professional can have.  Successful salespeople don’t just need to be excellent at communicating and sharing the benefits of products and services with prospects. They need to be able to empathize with customer pain points, handle complex and stressful situations, and build rapport with clients.  […]


October 8th, 2023

How to Get a Sales Job with No Experience

If you’re wondering how to get a sales job with no experience, you’re in luck. While there are some high-level sales roles that require a specific number of years of experience, such as the position of Sales executive, many opportunities don’t require much experience at all.  In fact, if you already have a high level […]


October 10th, 2023

What is Value Selling and Why is it Important?

Value selling is one of the most popular sales methodologies used by leading brands. After all, while your primary job as a salesperson is to “sell”, that doesn’t have to be your only mission. Value-based selling, or “value selling” encourages sales professionals to look beyond the conversion.  When you’re targeting high-value clients, value-based selling can […]


October 12th, 2023

A Guide to Mock Calls in Sales

A mock call in sales can be an extremely valuable tool for sales professionals.  More than just a training strategy, mock calls are simulations which allow professionals to run through complicated parts of the sales cycle in advance. They introduce sales reps to cold calling scripts, strategies for identifying the ideal customer, and even techniques […]


October 14th, 2023

Getting Started in Field Sales

The term “field sales” might sound like an unusual concept in today’s digital world. The evolution of technology means countless sales processes now happen remotely, with reps sitting behind computer screens, typing messages to prospects, or calling leads.  However, there are still many industries where outside sales remain crucial to a company’s success. In a […]


October 16th, 2023

Creating Your Sales Career Path: Starting the Journey

Choosing the right sales career path can be trickier than it seems. After all, sales is a versatile landscape. Depending on your skills and interests, you might pursue a role in a particular industry, like tech sales, or account management for healthcare companies.  You could choose to explore the world of field sales if you […]


October 18th, 2023

What is Situational Coaching? An Introduction

Most business leaders know that their employees rely on regular training and development to deliver exceptional performance. This is particularly true in the sales landscape, where methodologies, processes, and consumer behaviors are constantly evolving.  Coaching is one of the primary ways business leaders can assist employees in developing crucial soft and hard skills over time. […]


October 20th, 2023

Improving Sales Performance: Strategies for Success

Virtually every business leader wants to improve sales performance. After all, the better your sales team performs, the more revenue and profit you can potentially make. An empowered sales team with a strong win rate paves the way for rapid company growth and evolution.  The problem is, constantly optimizing sales performance can be easier said […]


October 22nd, 2023

Managing Sales Burnout: How to Mitigate Burnout in Your Sales Team

Burnout is emerging as a serious problem for virtually every type of employee. According to studies from Deloitte, 70% of professionals have experienced burnout at the current jobs, and another 70% say they don’t feel their managers are doing enough to mitigate the issue.  While burnout can occur in any industry or role, sales burnout […]


October 24th, 2023

First Time Manager Tips for Go-to Market Leaders

Adapting to life as a first-time manager can be complex.  On the one hand, you’re likely to be excited about the opportunities this new leadership position brings. You’ll have new changes to enhance the sales process from the inside, new ways to develop your skills, and you might even earn a much higher salary.  However, […]


October 26th, 2023

8 Tips for Becoming a Better Salesperson

Becoming a better salesperson isn’t just a great way to boost your confidence and impress your boss. The more sales success you achieve in your role, the more you can potentially earn. With extra commission and bonuses online, it pays to be passionate about your job.  However, while just about anyone can start a sales […]


October 28th, 2023

Discovering Your Sales Champion: A Guide for Beginners

Sales teams use a variety of methodologies, processes, and frameworks to access revenue, and connect with customers. One of the most popular strategies among modern business leaders, involves using the MEDDIC sales process or framework to streamline the sales cycle. The MEDDIC sales qualification process helps salespeople qualify prospects and potential buyers, and improve the […]


October 30th, 2023

Handling Rejection in Sales: Top Tips for Sales Resilience

Handling rejection in sales is never easy.  For most sales professionals striving to achieve professional goals, reach lofty quotas, and close more deals, “no” can be one of the scariest, most painful words in the English language.  Unfortunately, the reality is that no matter how good your product or service might be, you’re not going […]


November 1st, 2023

How to Disqualify Sales Prospects: Step by Step

Do you know how to disqualify sales prospects effectively? Most sales reps are aware of the importance of the qualification stage in the sales process. Making sure the people you’re connecting with are a good fit for your product or service is essential. Not only does it mean you can deliver genuine value to these […]


When to Follow Up with Prospects in Sales: The Basics

In an ideal world, every prospect you reached out to as a salesperson would automatically see the value in your product and agree to make a purchase straight away.  Unfortunately, in the real world, this rarely happens. The reality is most consumers need a number of nudges, or interactions with a salesperson before they’re ready […]

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